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Stuart Hamblen & Mulholland Farm

Stuart Hamblen poses in the lower pasture of the Mulholland Farm propertyOn the surface, it would seem that the new Master of Mulholland Farm, Stuart Hamblen, was the polar opposite of Errol Flynn. Hamblen was a gospel singer and radio star who had written the Billboard Song of the Year of 1954, This Ole House, as well as an earlier hit inspired by a conversation with John Wayne, It Is No Secret (What God Can Do). Stuart Hamblen had run for President of the United States on the Prohibition Party ticket in 1952 and came in fourth in national balloting. Yes, Errol Flynn and Stuart Hamblen were very different, but they shared similarities too. Both were tall, rugged, untamed individualists who loved Mulholland Farm.

Attractive, outgoing, no-nonsense Suzy Hamblen was the one who first spotted and fell in love with Mulholland Farm, and it was up to Suzy to convince hard-headed Stuart to move there, which proved to be no easy task.

In the end, Stuart and Suzy Hamblen spent a generation at Mulholland and hosted events there that would become cherished traditions. Friends like Roy Rogers, Johnny Cash, John Wayne, and Ronald Reagan dropped by for visits, and on many occasions the doors were thrown open to large groups of local, national, and international visitors. Hamblen also produced his weekly syndicated radio show, Cowboy Church of the Air, at the house.

It would seem logical that the Evangelical Christian Hamblen family would have no use for the hijinx of Errol Flynn, but the Hamblens delighted in the quirky house that the ex-owner had designed, a home they referred to as "the castle." Seven members of the Hamblen family, including matriarch Suzy Hamblen, age 100, daughter Lisa Hamblen Jaserie, and actor and Hamblen family member Harve Presnell, contributed exclusive interviews for Errol Flynn Slept Here regarding the family's long and happy run at Mulholland Farm that ended when the Hamblens sold the property to singer/actor Rick Nelson in 1980.

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