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Title block for Errol Flynn Slept Here

Cover for Errol Flynn Slept HereA new book has just come out. And what a book it is!

Called Errol Flynn Slept Here, by Robert Matzen and Michael Mazzone, it not only describes the infamous house that Flynn built, lived in, partied in, loved above all else, and finally lost in a bitterly contested divorce to his first wife, Lili Damita, but gives the reader a wonderful and accurate portrait of how life was in those Golden Years of Hollywood.

I know. I was there.

Take my advice.

If you're at all interested in Flynn or how he lived, who his buddies were, who were the glamorous women who flitted in and out of his bedroom, then run don't walk to buy it!

The photos are spectacular; the text superlative.

I knew Flynn well. I was his house guest briefly in the late forties, early fifties. Though that was almost sixty years ago this book brought all my vivid memories flashing back as if they happened yesterday.

Thank you, Mr. Matzen and Mr. Mazzone.

Flynn, you magnificent bastard, you live and party again!

— Steve Hayes, friend of Errol Flynn and author of Googie's: Coffee Shop to the Stars


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