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“Just when you think every bit of Hollywood history and lore has been explored, along comes a book that's inventive, surprising and impossible to put down... This handsomely produced volume is the kind of book I intended to browse but wound up reading from cover to cover. It stands as a tribute to the authors' enthusiasm and perseverance...but we who love stories of vintage Hollywood are the real beneficiaries." [Full Review]

— Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian, reporter
for Entertainment Tonight,and author
of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide

"Numerous books have been written about Errol Flynn, including [Errol Flynn Slept Here,] a brilliant account of his house in 11 acres of ground on Mulholland Drive which boasted two-way mirrors, secret staircases and sliding panels."

— Turner Classic Movies/UK
June 2009

"This is the work of two researchers who document the facts like good journalists, and I guarantee the journey will take your breath away. As a reviewer I can offer nothing less than unbridled enthusiasm for this haunting but majestic book."

— Thomas McNulty, author of Errol Flynn: The Life & Career

"Take my advice. If you're at all interested in Flynn or how he lived, who his buddies were, who were the glamorous women who flitted in and out of his bedroom, then run don't walk to buy it!" [Full Review]

— Steve Hayes, friend of Errol Flynn and author of
Googie's: Coffee Shop to the Stars

“I never thought at this stage I would discover a new volume on the incomparable Errol Flynn that presented a vast collection of intriguing photos and information that, to a large degree, have not been previously available in book form. But Errol Flynn Slept Here accomplishes just that—and in a particularly engaging manner.”

— Rudy Behlmer, co-author of The Films of Errol Flynn
and author of Inside Warner Bros.

"Thanks for documenting a place impossible to describe without this book. An Interesting and totally creepy read that was akin to taking a trip back into the darker recesses of my adolescence...I actually went back and felt the house...smelled that pinewood den...saw the linoleum checkerboard dining room floor. The attic. That insanely deep swimming pool...the thoughts of the parties hosted at the house where the luminaries of Hollywood 's Golden Age cast away their inhibitions...saw my bedroom where I rehearsed my first real band and forged my musical dreams... relived my parent's divorce and my father's last days. I have to admit—I feel strange after the visit back to 3100 Torreyson Place—I am at the same time saddened by the thought of what could have been combined with the bittersweet reality of what was. It admittedly was a big part of my life. " 

— Matthew Nelson, son of Rick Nelson and founding member of
the platinum-selling rock band Nelson

"This book does its job too well for my liking. It puts me right back there, and I never want to go there again. But I'm glad I read it... And I'm glad I was reminded of the fact that a house is just a pile of stones and sticks, no matter how famous it is. It's the love in side it that can turn any man's hovel into a castle, and the lack of it that turned one man's castle into this man's prison." [Full Review]

— Gunnar Nelson, son of Rick Nelson and founding member of
the platinum-selling rock band Nelson

"There have been many books written about Errol Flynn, some of them pretty good, but none to approach this newest from Robert Matzen and Michael Mazzone. These authors seem to understand him perhaps best of those (many) who've tackled this most enigmatic of subjects. They don't shrink from aspects of Flynn that are dark, even disillusioning for many of us who've admired him, but neither do they revel in that which must be told in order to get the clearest—and rest assured, this book is all of that—realization of who Flynn was and what brought him to places high and low. I'm still not believing the man lived but fifty years! I read and wondered how one person could take so much out of a single lifetime. Such cosmic matters had not troubled me from previous Flynn readings. Is it just that I'm older and wistful for having lived a by comparison uneventful life, or is this a book so accomplished as to finally put Flynn in a perspective long overdue me? I suspect it's Matzen and Mazzone who finally brought it all home for this lifelong fan, and for that, I'm eternally beholden. Where insight, humor, and compassion have seldom been vested in treatments of this great star (and actor, by golly!), here's a rich account with all of them in abundance. Errol Flynn Slept Here is a man's life viewed through the portico of a dream home he loved and lost. Read it and chances are you'll come away wishing to have lived in a place half so fascinating."

— John McElwee, proprieter of the popular blog,
Greenbriar Picture Shows

“The authors researched an area that has not been written about often: Flynn's homes and particularly his famous Mulholland House. The book also covers who else lived at Flynn's house. This volume is a fresh look at the times of Errol Flynn, a view that fans and historians will equally enjoy as they view new facets of Flynn's life.”

— Marc Wanamaker, film historian and president of
Hollywood Heritage, Inc.

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